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If you are in Tampa Florida, and you are interested in generating more traffic for your website using search engine optimization strategies, you may want to consider using several tips that consistently work. As most people know, the algorithms of the search engines continually change, yet there are some that are very consistent, working year after year. Additionally, new ones are developed to accommodate the changes that occur, primarily those that are developed by Google. In fact, most of the traffic that you will receive from your SEO efforts will ultimately come from the largest search engine in the world. Here are seven SEO tips that you can use if you are trying to rank for keywords that are related to your business in Tampa Florida.

This basic overview of how you can rank your website for your Tampa Florida business should help you get started. You may eventually work with a professional company like GGG Marketing. However, if you are on a budget, and you do have a couple of hours a day to devote to the strategies, you should start to see a noticeable change in where your website, and all of your pages, are ranking on the Internet.

An Overview Of SEO

Before discussing these seven strategies, it is imperative first to have a foundational understanding of what search engine optimization represents. It is very different from traditional online advertising which typically involves the purchasing of traffic. For example, if you have a Google Adwords account or one that is on Facebook, you can take out advertising campaigns. You can target specific demographics, or target keywords that people will be typing in that will be looking for the products that you are selling. It’s a very efficient way of generating traffic, sometimes very quickly, but it is also the most expensive form of advertising. You are paying for every single click that you receive, whether or not the person that clicks through to your website purchases anything from you at all. SEO is a type of marketing strategy that focuses solely on your websites. In fact, your goal is to optimize your website so that the search engine algorithms will be motivated to place your main page, and all of the subsequent pages that you post, at the top of the search engine listings. Several strategies that can help you achieve this goal and the first one involves using unique content.

Strategy #1 – Unique Content

The first strategy for ranking any website in Tampa is to create a site that uses the unique content. Some people have had great success using curated content which is primarily an existing article that has an introduction and conclusion that is unique. However, if you want the best possible chance of achieving top rankings for keywords related to the Tampa Florida area, you must use unique content that is referential of the products you are selling, giving you the best possible chance of ranking as high as possible. The articles that you post should be a minimum of 900 words, using your targeted keywords very sparingly. You should also sprinkle related keywords into the content, making it as relevant as possible.

Strategy #2 – Do Keyword Research

The second strategy is to do keyword research before you begin to post your content. You need to make sure that you are targeting keywords that are not that competitive. Keyword phrases that are for keywords or longer are the ones that are the most ideal because very few people are trying to rank for them. The reason that most people do not try to rank for long tail keywords is that they may only receive a handful of visitors every month. However, if you have multiple pages that are ranking in top positions for low competition keywords, you could generate thousands of visitors for free by just achieving these top positions.

Strategy #3 – Embed Videos

The third strategy that you need to use is embedding videos onto every page that you post. You can get this code from websites like YouTube. Whether you are using your videos, or if you are using someone else’s, as long as they are referencing the material that you are posting about, they will be considered relevant by the search engine algorithms. The reason that this is a good strategy is that Google owns YouTube, and as a result of that, will give preference to pages that have YouTube videos. They give even more preference to pages that are discussing the same content as the videos are, and are verified by the title, description, and tags of each video that you use. As an added benefit, if you are creating these videos on your own and creating a dedicated video channel on YouTube for your website, you can rank your videos at the same time you are ranking your pages, giving you two positions on the search engine listings.

Strategy #4 – Use Images On Each Page

The fourth strategy to use is always to include images that are relevant to the content that you are presenting. For example, if you are marketing your business in Tampa, providing boat tours of the coast, you will want to show images of the beaches, coastal waters, and your boats that you are giving tours with. This will add an extra level of relevancy to each page that you are posting, and you will be rewarded with higher rankings. It is recommended that you place one image at the top of the page underneath the title, content under that title, followed by the video beneath that. Although you can use any organizational set up that you want, this is one that works very well.

Strategy #5 – Interlink All Of Your Related Pages

This is a strategy that many people do not use, yet it is one of the most important. Most of us post content on our website that is segregated by keywords in the URL, but we can also use categories. If you are using a WordPress blog, and you are posting material, you will often choose a particular category where this content will be located. By interlinking all of this content together, or even content that may be in a different category but is still relevant, this can show continuity to the search engine spiders. Not only does this make it easier for the search engine algorithm to determine what your website is about, but it also makes it possible for people to find your content so much more quickly. The algorithms will recognize this, and boost your site even higher just because you are providing a better experience for the visitors that find your website.

Strategy #6 – Add Outbound Links To Each Page And Post

The sixth strategy is one that some people may be aware of, but they might not understand why this is so important. If you had done SEO years ago, you may have been told that adding outbound links would diminish your chances of reaching the top of the search engines. Back at that time, Google PR was paramount. It was important to have links within your website and links pointing to your site, but those that pointed outward would diminish your PR value. As a result of this, most people did not add outbound links, but this has changed dramatically over the years. When you think of websites like Wikipedia which are ranking millions of pages, many of which are in the top positions for tough keywords, their websites are designed to provide information for the visitor. This information is not all contained on the Wikipedia page, but is delivered via outbound links that are pointed to authority websites. Thinking from the perspective of the Google algorithm, when it sees outbound links pointing to actual relevant content, it shows that you are trying to provide the best possible user experience. This is built into the very code itself. Therefore, you need to add at least two outbound links to each page that you post that goes to a website that already ranks for the keyword you are targeting, and in doing so, you can help yourself rank higher for that keyword.

Strategy #7 – Build Backlinks Carefully

This final approach has been used for well over a decade and has quite a bit of power. The more links that you have to point to your website, the higher the probability that your site, and all of your pages, will be at the top of the search engine listings. Problems arose years ago when many savvy marketers started purchasing packages where they could have thousands of links directed to individual pages, actually boosting them to the top of the search engine listings. At that time, Google respected more links, looking at those as a form of voting, and would reward people with higher rankings. However, once it became apparent that people were not getting real links, but those that were generated by a software program or business, they began to crack down on websites that had tens of millions of links pointing to them that were fraudulently created. As a result of the Google Penguin update, millions of web pages were removed from the search engine listings, causing many people to go out of business altogether. However, today it is possible for you to build your links very slowly, obtaining them from reputable websites that Google likes, and in doing so you will achieve top rankings. It is recommended that you build gradually, adding no more than 40 or 50 links to anyone page. This is usually enough to boost longtail keywords to the top of the search engines, sometimes within weeks or even days.

Advanced Strategies For 2017

Now that you know the basic strategies that can work on Google, and will likely be beneficial for any other search engine, it’s time to look at some of the most advanced procedures that are currently available. These have been developed over the last few months, techniques that have helped people rank their website, and all of their pages, on page 1 of the listings in a short period. These strategies take into account the three most important updates that Google has made which are Panda, Penguin, and Hummingbird. These techniques revolve around the use of social media and videos.

Advanced Technique #1 – Social Media Marketing

It is now well known that Google goes to Facebook, looking for links that people have posted, trying to determine what is very popular. There is no better way to discover what is a popular trend than by going to a social media website the size of Facebook. By determining what sites are getting the most links, they can then verify what that website is about and rank it accordingly. In the same way that backlinks used to work for ranking websites, it now works the same for Facebook, primarily because Google understands that these links are legitimate. What many people will do is they will post on different websites that are related to their own, or comment on individual posts, and people will go through that link to their Facebook page. They may even post links to their website, and when people begin to share that link, they will start to move up in the rankings. It’s also possible to use the same strategy when you advertise on Facebook because people are more likely to share a post that comes into their newsfeed. This is a strategy that is working very well and is one that you should try if you are trying to rank your business for a Tampa Florida audience.

Advanced Technique #2 – Video Marketing

This strategy is in conjunction with social media websites as well. However, it’s a little bit different than simply making a post. It’s also different than posting a video to your YouTube channel. Your goal is to create a viral video, one that people will want to share with people that they know because it is so funny or outlandish. It may have microscopic to do with the business you are trying to promote, but you are going to get multiple links and a lot of traffic. As they say, it is a numbers game when it comes to marketing online, and video marketing on social media websites has been working well for thousands of businesses. You simply have to create videos, post them every day, and eventually some of them will go viral, allowing you to generate more traffic and rank higher search engines.